This Week in Reception – W.b. 4th December

This Week in Reception

W/b. December 7th 2020

Dear Parents,

We have had a lovely week in Reception, full of Christmassy celebrations and fun. As mentioned last week, our weekly posts will now be available for you to read here on the Christ Church blog.


We performed our sign-language song this week and the children did so well! They all looked wonderful in their costumes. Thank you so much for all you did to get them ready for it. The editing should be done soon, ready for you to see.

The children loved going to the Christmas Bazaar that the PFA ran on Thursday! We were very proud of how well the children listened and showed great restraint in saving their treats to enjoy at home!

Friday was Christmas Jumper Day. Thank you for all your contributions to Save the Children. The children were delighted to show their friends what their jumper had on it! We also enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal with Christmas-crackers. The children were quite sad that their cracker hats broke very easily so we made our own hats in the afternoon.

In class the children enjoyed making gingerbread men using the gingerbread playdough and have hosted some lovely parties in the role-play house. Many children wrote more invitations and gift-tags for the presents they wrapped using our self-made wrapping paper.

Outside there have been some lovely cakes cooked up in the mud kitchen and some creative use of the wooden plank and crates to make a ship-themed obstacle course for balancing and jumping, as well as lots of lovely drawing, writing and mark-making using the chalks.


For our phonics learning this week we have continued to learn some more Letters and Sounds Phase 3 sounds, including ai/ee/igh. The children enjoyed reading the words and finding the matching picture with the Pick a Picture game, which you can play at home by clicking this link.


This week in Maths we have been learning about number through the Numberblocks characters. We made our own number blocks and have been writing numbers in all sorts of different ways, including chalk outside, sparkly gloop inside and labelling our Numberblock pictures. We have been using a turtle track-game (which you can play here) to deepen our subitising skills (know how many without counting) and develop our understanding of counting on.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Kind Regards,

Miss Baines and Mrs Alalade

This Week in Reception W.b. 30th November 2020

Dear Parents,

It has begun to look quite Christmassy at Christ Church this week, including in Reception.


The focus on Celebrations have continued for our Topic focus this week. For our RE lesson we heard the Nativity story and the children enjoyed re-telling this using stick puppets in the doll’s house. The children started writing invitations to an imaginary party for our writing task this week. We have parties for birthdays, Eid, Christmas and eve disco parties!

Using Christmas cookie cutters, the children printed shapes to make their own wrapping paper, then used tape and string to wrap boxes to look like presents. We had a lovely time decorating the Christmas tree to go in our Home Corner with the children working together to do this independently. We noticed there wasn’t a star in our box of decorations to put on the top of the tree so a few children helped to make one.

We have also been practicing every day for the Christmas performance, which is being recorded next week. We will be signing along to a Christmas carol as we are unable to sing due to Covid-19 restrictions. It would be great if you could practice the signing at home too. See the video here to practice.


This week we learned some more Phase 3 sounds: sh/ch/th/ng. We have also been learning to read the Phase 3 tricky words ‘we’, ‘be’ and ‘me’. The children really enjoyed playing a game on the interactive whiteboard to decide which words we read were real and which were fake. You can play it here at home too.


During our Maths lessons this week, we have been thinking deeply about the mathematical concept of ‘one more and one less’. The children especially enjoyed reading the story of the Gingerbread man and adding counters to a ten frame every time a new character appeared, and then taking one away when the fox ate the Gingerbread man!

We hope you have a fun and restful weekend!

Kind Regards,

Miss Baines and Mrs Alalade

No Pens Day!

Take a look at some of our pictures from NO PENS DAY! Inspiring creativity and a way of learning that does not include a pen or a pencil! Learning through different mediums can be beneficial to the mind by opening up our imagination whilst still learning!

In Year 1 we used shaving foam in our phonics lesson whilst looking at the digraph ‘ck’!

Take a look at our pictures from NO PENS DAY! Inspiring creativity and a way of learning that does not include a pen or a pencil! Learning through different mediums can be beneficial to the mind by opening up our imagination whilst still learning!

Odd Sock Day!

To kick off Anti-Bullying week children at Christ Church school wore odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique. Thank you to the students who participated this year and I hope today gave you the chance to discuss some of your differences and how they make you special.

Remembrance Day!

Remembrance Day Poster Contest!

School Council were so impressed by how many entries they had for the Remembrance Day poster contest. Having so many posters to choose from made it very difficult to choose the winners. Before judging the posters we came up with a list of criteria for a winning poster. 

Winning posters must be:

1. Colourful and with careful colouring in skills  

2. Neat and organised

3. Have a good understanding of the theme

4. Correct spelling and grammar

5. Good ideas

See below some of our entries and our winning pictures!